Jinba Ittai

The Hybrid

What's in store for the Lexus?

The Supra

This started as a restoration project. All I wanted to do was to keep up with my friends who drove very very fast and drift at will. 

The Geo

More recently, it was a big decision to take the risk and try a totally different color - gloss pearl white from Arlon. Despite the angst, it turned out extremely well with a true JDMtyte style! It's the closest I could get to an AE101 Levin - DOT legal! 


In the past, it has been referred to as the Green Beast. It was my first car driven ever since I first started college. It was immediately riced-out, but now, I am in the process of cleaning it up. 

Panda Rescue

Bought it to restore. Good all around car. Reliable. Handles alright, but it feels heavy. 

The Miata

Although I have sold it - much to my dismay, it still holds a special position as one of the purest sports cars ever created. It was super reliable, affordable, quick enough, very very fun to drive, yet too small to drive realistically and safely amongst the hordes of crazy drivers, especially truck or SUV drivers. When the weather was good and the road was clear though, it felt like driving a go-kart. When I bought the car, I found it sitting outside on the street with the top down and the interior filled with leaves and junk. 

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