Saving the Red Panda

So sorry for these years of neglect and accumulating problems. Here we go.

1) Safety Recall: Fuel Pressure Sensor Leak

2) Sticky/melting Dashboard replacement

3) Horn Not Working: horn (aftermarket PIAA brand) works when tested directly and fuse is not blown; clockspring wire plug is broken - black and orange

4) This salvaged car has no airbags. Steering wheel airbag portion can be easily pulled out by hand - how the clockspring wire plug was broken; after fixing the horn, I'd like this part to be sealed and non-removable.

5) High beam and DRL Not Working: aftermarket and stock bulb in there and not working; fuse is not blown

6) May I request an Estimate on Labor Cost for Spark Plug Change? I already bought oem spark plugs.

7) There is a rotten egg smell in the cabin after I accelerate > 60 mph or with > 33% throttle. Is it the catalytic converter? May I request an estimate for fixing this?

8) There is a continuous ticking sound from the top of the engine: What is it? Could it be fixed? May I request an Estimate for fixing this as well?

9) How is the transmission fluid? Coolant? Ok, I'll request a complimentary multi-point inspection.

Thank you so much for taking care of my baby! :-)

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