Yelping Mock-manuscript style - Honey Badger Noodle Shop

This is a peer-reviewed manuscript. Previously, we had eaten here several times and thoroughly enjoyed it. The menu included lime and cilantro noodles, sriracha noodles, and pictures that accompanied the menu For previous results, refer to my reviews from March 3rd, 2015 and June 4th, 2015. However, with this most recent vi

sit, we encountered unexpected changes which we report here. The menu did not include lime and cilantro noodles or sriracha noodles, the waiters were different, and they closed at 9:30 pm. The selection menu sans pictures had many great options listed from 1 - 5 starting with appetizers, types of noodles, and then various toppings. But it was unclear whether or not customers who chose pre-made noodle combinations could also select toppings as they were included in the same list from 1 - 5. So it was a bit confusing, but fortunately, the waiter did clarify that those who customized their noodle bowls could select toppings, and those with pre-made noodle combinations can choose to add additional toppings for an extra price. Thus, there were found to be many different, unique pathways to take to satisfy your palate and noodle needs. Intervals between quality control checks (QCC) were measured by two stopwatches that collected data points upon each visitation from a waiter who asked about our party's well-being. Intervals between QCC were 3, 3, 2, 0.16, 10, 2, 5, and 5 minutes before it stopped. We stopped tracking the intervals between QCC when it stopped and when it was apparent that they were closing. We calculated the standard deviation and found that it was large. We observed that there was a higher frequency during the time we were waiting for the food and while we were eating. As it was closer to the closing time, the intervals between QCC became larger. At that time, they were busy cleaning up and doing other things. So this suggests that they do care and are ready to help the customers for most of the time we spent there. However, the frequency was so high that it was increasingly and uncomfortably awkward the entire time. This contrasts greatly with the previous experience with the female waitress - a more normal, dining experience involving typical intervals of waiter-customer interaction. They should have also told the other tables before they sat down that they were taking last-calls for food orders although they were still taking drink orders as I heard the customers' disappointment. The drinks were good; I had the passion fruit mojito. The consistency of the noodles were excellent, and the taste was good, albeit a bit salty for one eater. All in all, I still love their noodles, but the shift in the dining experience here was unexpectedly odd. And this manuscript is the result of eating here with other scientists, biologists, and a post-doc, so acknowledgments go out to them for the geek-out session!

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